Why this workshop?

I have noticed as an educator that there has been an increasing number of students exhibiting anxiety and deep fears that prevent them from being successful in school, with relationships, and even day-day activities such as shopping.  I have been hearing from the schools and on the radio how much anxiety is such a problem with our students and young population, and how children as young as 4 are being medicated.  I couldn't ignore it any more.  
In the last couple of years I have been collecting information from all sources regarding the causes and solutions to anxiety disorders.  I finally decided it was time to share some secrets with those out there who are affected by anxiety in one form or another.  
In this ultra-affordable workshop, I share some of the most profound and common reasons children experience anxiety, and my favorite solutions so that you are able to walk away with some strategies to implement right away.  
The information and strategies shared could be life-changing for your child and your family.  

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Course curriculum

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    • Welcome

    • What is Anxiety?

    • Root Causes for Anxiety

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    • Solution #1

    • Solution #2

    • Solution #3

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    Next Steps

    • Now What?

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