Do you want to help your students but you don't know how to take them from where they are to where they need to be?

There is nothing more powerful than knowing exactly where your student is developmentally in mathematics so you know how to make strategic goals for your small group or intervention time.  If you teach children in the upper elementary grades, it is possible you don't have the primary background to know the phases they children naturally pass through as they acquire an internal understanding of mathematics.  Even so, often times those children were just told what to do and if they were not developmentally ready, they may have developed some inefficient compensation strategies, such as using tally marks for adding three digit numbers.  

Knowing in which developmental phase your student is working will give you power to make the right instructional decisions to help move him forward in a natural progression, rather than forcing him to perform at a frustrational level.


  • Assessment

    Assess students with interviews to see how they are functioning within all the developmental mathematical levels. Designed for use from kindergarten through sixth grade.

  • Track Student Progress

    Use skills in the developmental math phases to track progress through use of a variety of individual and group recording forms.

  • Strategic Activities

    Proven activities that support students to move from one developmental phase to another that can be incorporated into centers or given as individualized homework.

Students who struggle in math do not progress if they are asked to perform tasks that are above their developmental level.

Program Includes

  • 142 page pdf book with recording forms, interview questions, and developmental activities

  • Online self-paced video tutorial to walk you through how to give the assessment and demonstrations with different age students

  • Explanation on how to plan your intervention strategy after the assessment is completed

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